The name means Cieślak And The Princesses.

Tunes Of Early Spring means Melodie Wczesnej Wiosny.

The band was started in the spring of 2009 in Sopot, Poland, by Maciej Cieślak (the leader of alternative/experimental ŚCIANKA), due to his getting old and the purchase of an old acoustic Gibson.

Maciej Cieślak had met Karolina Rec (cello) during the recording session of the Kings Of Caramel album. In autumn 2008 they played a few times to try arrangements for some of the his new songs and agreed there should be another cello and viola to make the sound of the band complete.

They did not have to wait long. Tomasz Ziętek, who played trumpet on Ścianka's Secret Sister album recommended a friend of his sister Julia's, Edyta Czerniewicz, a cello player.

When Edyta appeared at the rehearsal, she accordingly recommended Julia Ziętek, her friend and Tomasz's sister, as an exquisite violinist. Julia promised, that she will purchase viola any time soon, and she was accepted as a band member.

Thus began the story of the three princesses, each different, each with MA in music and always with something to say. The youngest princess, Karolina, sometimes likes to ponder from time to time. MA in psychology must have left its mark.

In April 2009 the band was completed and started rehearsals to arrange the songs and develop their own sonoristic/metaphysical ideas. They have since played an inauguration gig for some friends from Sopot and several gigs in Poland.

From October to November they met at Cieślak's studio in Warsaw for four few-day sessions to record the songs.

As they looked for maximum emotional coherency, they recorded only live and using just four microphones.

The album will be released at the end of March 2010.

Maciej Cieślak – voice, guitar
Julia Ziętek – violin, voice
Karolina Rec – cello, voice
Edyta Czerniewicz – cello, voice



The INFRADŹWIĘKI trio has for years fed its music on the buzzing of bees, the slow shifting of a midland air and on the reverberation of sounds from the distant world.

Forty-something fathers during the day, they make music purely from passion, without any career drive.

In the winter of 2012, they recorded music for an album – their first and perhaps last.

Drogi rozwidlają się przed Opolem Lubelskim i zbiegają, kiedy miną miasteczko.

W rezultacie nie był tam nikt kto się tam nie urodził.

Dźwięki zatrzymują się na ścianie z ciszy i mgły.

Tym bardziej jesteśmy dumni, że udało się nam przemycić z wnętrza niedostępnej macicy najprawdziwszą perłę.

Trio INFRADŹWIĘKI przez kilkanaście ostatnich lat wypasało swoją muzykę na brzęczeniu pszczół, powolnym ruchu śródlądowego powietrza i pogłosach odległego świata.

Na co dzień ojcowie rodzin pod czterdziestkę, muzykują z zamiłowania, bez napinki na karierę.

Zimą 2012 nagrali materiał na płytę, pierwszą i być może ostatnią.


kings of caramel

The whole idea started when Bogusław Szarmach (bass) and Michał Biela (voc, acg.) started jamming at home, and made a few delicate melodies.

After some time, they decided to record them.

They also met an exquisite cello player Karolina Rec who decided to help them and they already knew the best Polish producer, Maciej Cieslak (piano, live drums), who also joined the crew.

They recorded at Szarmach's home at the third flat of a 19th century house in Gdańsk.

The sounds of birds, turbo engine and children got accidentaly to some tracks and were left to stay.

In June 2008 the record had already been released.

There is one thing that needs to be made clear: there are dolphins in Wales, UK. Michal Biela saw them from a ferry. Google it if you don't believe it.

Kings of Caramel is the project of the following Polish musicians:

Bogusław Szarmach - bass
Michał Biela - guitar, vocals, casio rythm sellection
Maciej Cieślak - piano, cymbals, production, brass and cello arrangements
Karolina Rec - cello



Kyst is a band of Norwegian origin, currently residing in Sopot, Poland. It's music varies from folk and post-rock to experimental and improvised music, oftenly influented by the New Weird America movement. However, the musicians prefer not to limit themselves to any specific genre, considering freedom and emotional devotion being the most important musical values.

The band originally consists of 4 members (Tobiasz Biliński, Adam Byczkowski, Marcin Turzyński, Jacek Rezner), however mostly performs as a Biliński-Byczkowski duo, often accompanied by the best figures of polish alternative scene (Maciej Cieślak, Tomasz Ziętek, Karolina Rec).

Kyst played several gigs in the biggest cities in Poland and abroad (mainly in Berlin and Prague) and played with such artists as: Au (USA), Silje Nes (Norway), Oldseed (Canada) and the legend of Berlin experimental music - F. S. Blumm. Tobiasz Biliński and Adam Byczkowski, along with Michał Biela (Kristen, Ścianka) create a core of experimental/improv band Small Things.

Young musicians do not limit themselves to creating music - Biliński and Byczkowski run a DIY label Gingerbread Records (where Kyst's debut LP will be released), and a booking agency - Gingerbread Booking.



Manescape is a neo-psychedelic rock trio formed in 2006 in Głogów, Poland. They published demo "D-Tape" (2007) & "In Progress" EP (2008). In 2009, the band signed a recording contract with a small, independent label Rebel Rockers and entered the studio to record tracks for their debut album released in November 2009 under the name "Ex-Internal".

Group has already played a series of concerts in several Polish cities, with Kombajn Do Zbierania Kur Po Wioskach and Swedish PG LOST among others. Manescape is currently preparing material for their second album and is preparing for the next series of concerts to promote the latest release.

Daniel Paluszek – voice, guitar
Piotr Lubiak – bass
Tomasz Piechowiak - drums



One of the most important Polish alternative bands. Playing since autumn 1994. Recording and releasing since spring 1998. Their style is hard to define, melts together pre-punk raw energy, free jazz madness and sonoristic attitude. Pretty, gentle tunes sometimes.
Audio drama? Why not.
A wide emotional and formal range, an intense transmission.
An axe, a feather, some rust.
Each of their records is different, each one recorded on tape in their analog studio in Sopot, recently in Warsaw. Each one received top ranks in Polish music press.

Ścianka are:
Maciej Cieślak – voice, guitar, sometimes keyboards, percussion
Arkadiusz Kowalczyk – drums
Michał Biela – bass, voice

Former members:
Wojciech Michałowski – bass
Jacek Lachowicz – keyboards, voice
Tran Chi - bass
Andrzej Koczan - bass

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